Borneo Giant Elephant Ear - Alocasia macrorrhiza
Borneo Giant Elephant Ear - Alocasia macrorrhiza
Borneo Giant Elephant Ear - Alocasia macrorrhiza
Borneo Giant Elephant Ear - Alocasia macrorrhiza
Borneo Giant Elephant Ear - Alocasia macrorrhiza

Borneo Giant Elephant Ear - Alocasia macrorrhiza

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When mature, the Borneo Giant's leaves can grow up to 3-feet long and 4-feet wide and the plant itself can grow up to 10 feet. If your plant doesn't look just like the picture, give it a little time to grow up. Elephant ears' attributes become more defined when they mature.

• Mature height: 7-10+ feet
• Light: Filtered sunlight
• Soil: Well-drained. Keep moist but not soggy.
• Zones: 7b-11

Plant Size
A baby plant, that is 3-8 inches tall, will arrive at your home in a 3-inch-deep pot. Then, raise your new baby to maturity under your caring, green thumb.

Questions or Problems?
We have shipped thousands of plants safely to their destinations; however, please send us a picture of your plant(s) within 48 hours of arrival if you have any questions or problems. We can then assess for our Live Delivery Guarantee.

Dead Leaves?
Many sellers ship elephant ear rhizomes without leaves, but we have found a way to successfully ship with leaves. However, on occasion a leaf is damaged during shipping or some leaves die. No fear! The rhizome is still alive and healthy and will grow new leaves relatively quickly. Just repot and trim off any damaged or dead leaves. 

In the winter, this plant generally loses its leaves and may arrive bare to you. This is totally normal and actually very healthy. Like hibernation, dormancy is an important part of the growing cycle when plants are strengthening their root systems instead of focusing on creating new growth. They are still healthy, viable plants that will begin growing new leaves in spring with more light and warmer temperatures during the day and night.

Make your Alocasias and Colocasias thrive with Wellspring Gardens' premium water-soluble Elephant Ear Fuel!  Once a week, use a one-gallon watering can and the amount of fuel specified below. Your elephant ears will thank you.
• Indoor potted plants: 1/4 teaspoon
• Outdoor potted plants: 1/2 teaspoon
• Outdoor landscape plants: 1 teaspoon

Cold Weather Shipping
We don’t advise shipping in freezing temperatures. Please ensure temperature lows in your area aren't under 35℉ when you order. If they are that low, just email us and we will be happy to hold your order. Also, make sure to track your package closely and retrieve it as soon as it arrives. We insulate packages bound for cold destinations. We do not, however, use heat packs.

  • Plants range from 3-8 inches tall in 3-inch-deep pots
  • Orders fulfilled within 1-2 business days
  • Award winning customer service
  • 30-day Arrive Alive Guarantee

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There are three types of Elephant Ear plants. The technical difference between each species can only be determined at a microscopic level, but here are some observable characteristics of each type.


  • Leaves point up vertically & are tougher than the other species
  • Popular as houseplants
  • Grow smaller than the other two species
  • Diverse leaf shapes


  • Leaves point downward & are thin and fragile when young
  • More popular as outdoor plants
  • Most varieties grow to be massive
  • Leaves are universally heart-shaped
  • Prefer more water than Alocasias


  • Leaves point downward & are thin and fragile when young
  • More popular as outdoor plants
  • Most varieties grow to be massive
  • Most leaves are arrow-shaped
  • Leaves are often quilted at the veins.

These babies won't stay small for long...

We send Elephant Ear plants while they're still babies (3-8" tall), but they have enormous potential.

Trust the plant shipping experts ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wellpring Gardens has 20 years of experience packaging plants for a safe journey through the mail.

In that time, we've shipped millions of happy and healthy baby plants to their proud, new 🪴 parents.

We ship plants to all 48 continental United States plus Alaska and Puerto Rico. We do not, however, ship to Hawaii.

Get plants delivered right to your home 📦 📬

Most packages will fit inside your mailbox, so keep an eye on the tracking number and retrieve them as soon as possible.

Upon arrival, you'll need to:

  • Unwrap your plants
  • Water them
  • Gradually re-introduce them to sunlight

Develop an even greener thumb 👍 💚

Basic plant care instructions are included with every single plant.

Follow the QR code to find plant care information relevant to your specific type of plant.

Plant care information on our website is organized by category. Care information specific to bananas, carnivorous plants, dragon fruit, pomegranates, etc., can be found there.

Seven days to regrow

What if my Elephant Ear is damaged in transit?

Elephant Ears have fragile leaves but hardier stems. Losing leaves doesn't spell death; it’s all just part of the normal growth process.

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Elephant Ear Fuel

Take your Alocasias & Colocasias to the next level.

With our premium 20-10-20 Elephant Ear fuel, your Alocasias and Colocasias will thrive. Instructions are included. Our Elephant Ear Fuel comes in 1- and 2-pound bags.

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