Ginger Care

Gingers, from the Zingiberaecae family, are important ornamental, culinary, perfumery, and medicinal plants. There are many different ginger varieties. Check out our store to find your new favorite variety or read on to find out about how to care for Gingers.

Scientific name: Zingiberaceae family 

Genera (number species): Example species

  • Alpinia (230): Shell Ginger / Galangal
  • Burbidgea (5): Golden Brush
  • Curcuma (130): Siam Tulip / Turmeric
  • Elletaria (11): Cardamom
  • Globba (100): Dancing Ladies
  • Hedychium (80): Kahili / Ginger Lily
  • Kaempferia (100): Peacock Ginger
  • Zingiber (200+): Shampoo / Ginger, Myoga


Ginger roots take about 10 months to mature. Flowering gingers take less time. You can grow them indoors or plant them in spring after all chance of frost has passed.

  • Light: Part shade to shade.
  • Soil: Loose, well-drained soil. Water when soil is dry.
  • Zones: Vary (7-11)

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