Afganski Pomegranate - Punica granatum
Afganski Pomegranate - Punica granatum

Afganski Pomegranate - Punica granatum

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The Afganski Russian pomegranate produces sweet, slightly tart fruit. It fruits consistently, giving you an ample supply to eat during the season. The Afganski performs especially well in the high humidity of the Southeastern U.S.  

  • Average mature height: 12-15 feet 
  • Container growing? Yes. Prune pomegranates as a bush with 3 to 6 main trunks and top them off to keep the height manageable.
  • Fertilizer: Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium in a 3/1/6 ratio
  • Light: Full sun is ideal, but pomegranates will be fine in mostly sunny conditions too.
  • Soil: Pomegranates adapt to most well-drained soils. They can grow in nutritionally poor soil but they do best in loamy soil.
  • Zones: Perennial 6-10 (Pomegranates love warm, tropical climates but can take some cold without getting severely injured.)


Size: Information below is only the potential the plant has. You will be receiving one plant between 2.5 and 6 inches in height shipped as a rooted plug.

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