Basjoo Banana - Musa

Basjoo Banana - Musa

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When it comes to bananas that can withstand the cold, the Basjoo reigns supreme. You can grow this variety in all 50 states. -3° F? No problem. -20° F? With protective mulch, you’re still in luck. You can also grow this variety indoors. The Basjoo is a spectacular ornamental plant, but it also produces fruit. Just be ready to pick out the seeds.

  • Average mature height: 12-14 feet
  • Fertilizer: N/P/K (Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium) in a 3/1/6 ratio. 
  • Light: Mostly sunny
  • Soil: Soils that hold water. (Ditches and low-lying spots are ideal.) Water frequently if planted in sandy soil.
  • Zones: 3-11


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