Pakistan Mulberry (Long Mulberry) Tree - Morus nigra
Pakistan Mulberry (Long Mulberry) Tree - Morus nigra

Pakistan Mulberry (Long Mulberry) Tree - Morus nigra

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The Pakistan Mulberry, or Black Mulberry, produces stunning foliage and fruit that can be up to 5-inches long! Mulberries are self-fertile and easy to grow. Not only is the fruit delicious, but the leaves are also edible and tasty too. Cook the greens as a nice side at dinner or boil them to make tea. Scientific name: Morus nigra


  • Average mature height: 30-40 feet
  • Fertilizer: Unnecessary, but mulberries may benefit from a once a year application of 10-10-10.
  • Light: They do best in full sun but tolerate light shade.
  • Pests: Squirrels and grasshoppers like the leaves and can occasionally be a problem.
  • Soil: Well-drained, fertile. Tolerates most conditions except for wet soil. Once established, they are drought-tolerant.
  • Spacing: Except for dwarf varieties, allow plenty of space (25-30 feet around each tree). Plant far away from structures. Consider planting away from walkways and driveways because the abundant fruit can be messy.
  • Water: Average watering needs. Drought tolerant.
  • Zones: 5-11

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