Coffee Plant - Coffea arabica
Coffee Plant - Coffea arabica

Coffee Plant - Coffea arabica

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The coffee plant (Coffea arabica) has attractive, glossy leaves and makes a great house or patio plant. Grow your own delectable coffee beans in just a few short years. 

  • Average mature height: 16-40 feet
  • Container growing: Coffee can be trimmed to keep it almost any size. Frequent pinching back will make its growth compact and full.
  • Fertilizer: Use a slow-release fertilizer once or twice a year. For faster growth, fertilize more frequently.
  • Light: Bright. If grown indoors, provide as much light as possible.
  • Soil: Well-drained. Will not tolerate excessively wet soil.
  • Water: Coffea arabica quickly wilts when totally dried but recovers quickly when watered. Do not let water sit in its saucer for extended periods. 
  • Zones: 9b-10 (prefers high humidity)

Plant size. Our plants ship in 3-inch-deep pots when they are 3-6 inches tall so they can grow to maturity under your green thumb.