Mandalay Elephant Ear - Alocasia
Mandalay Elephant Ear - Alocasia

Mandalay Elephant Ear - Alocasia

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The Alocasia Mandalay, or African Mask, will add bold brilliance to your garden or household with its silver leaf margins. If your plant doesn't look just like the picture, give it a little time to grow up. Elephant Ears' attributes, like deep-colored leaves and ruffled edges become even more defined when they mature.

  • Mature height: 8-18 inches
  • Light: Does best in partial sun. Does well indoors.
  • Soil: Average watering needs.
  • Zones: 10-11 

Plant size. Our plants ship in 3-inch-deep pots at 2.5-6 inches tall so they can grow to maturity under your green thumb.

Damaged, dead, or missing leaves? Many sellers ship elephant ear rhizomes without leaves, but we have found a way to successfully ship with leaves. However, on occasion a leaf is damaged during shipping or some leaves die. No fear! The rhizome is still alive and healthy and will grow new leaves relatively quickly. Just repot and trim off any damaged or dead leaves. During fall and winter, elephant ears may ship without leaves because they are dormant. This is an important part of the growing cycle in which it’s strengthening its root system. It's still a healthy, viable plant that will grow new leaves in spring when there is more light and there are warmer temperatures during the day and night. Just protect from extreme cold and water every week or two.

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