Fat Chance Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia

Fat Chance Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia

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Looking for a fast-growing pitcher plant? Fat chance with most Sarracenias (pun entirely intended). However, the Fat Chance grows the quickest of all the pitcher plants. It grows in clumps and can trap many bugs with its deep pitchers.

Average mature height: 5 inches

Light: High light. Full sun to lightly filtered sun.

Soil: Grows well in peat, peat/perlite, or sphagnum moss (Try ours here.) Place a tray of water underneath to keep the plant wet.

Zones: 7-10


Damaged leaves? Sometimes in shipping, a leaf will turn black and die, but never fear; it's still healthy and will grow new pitchers.

Plant size. We ship our plants in 3-inch-deep pots when they are 2.5 to 6 inches tall so they can grow to maturity under your green thumb.

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