Jaboticaba Care

Scientific name: Myrciaria cauliflora / Plinia cauliflora

Jaboticaba, also known as the Brazilian Grape Tree, grows its purplish-black fruit directly on the trunks, limbs, and branches of the tree. The sweet, aromatic fruit resembles small 3-4 cm grapes. Jaboticaba berries have been compared to muscadine grapes. They can be eaten fresh just like grapes, and they can also be processed to make jelly, jam, juice, and wine.

Jaboticaba is a highly ornamental evergreen shrub or tree that grows up to 20 feet tall. It's a popular bonsai subject because it's slow growing, has small leaves, and shrubby nature. It makes a great landscape plant. Also, the slow growth and shrubby nature of the Jaboticaba make it an ideal, handsome, and easy-to-care-for container plant.

Light: Full sun or mostly sunny is ideal for the Jaboticaba.

Hardiness: Mature trees are somewhat cold tolerant down to 28 degrees Fahrenheit. They can sometimes endure slightly colder temperatures.

Soil: Heavily mulched, organic soil with no salt content is best

Water: Be sure to water during dry periods. Jaboticaba can tolerate occasional standing water.

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