Venus Fly Trap - King Henry
Venus Fly Trap - King Henry

Venus Fly Trap - King Henry

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Venus fly traps are perennials that form bulbs. Sometimes in shipping, a leaf or two will die back. Leaves turn black when they die back, but the bulb is still healthy.

Information below is only the potential the plant has. Each listing is for one plant. The "starter plant" you are buying is one plant actively growing in a 2 inch deep pot and is smaller than the plant pictured.

Mature plants of this variety reportedly can grow traps over an inch long. 

Has hinged leaves with stiff margined spines and 3 or 4 sensitive hairs in the center of each lobe. When an insect touches the hairs, the hinge mechanism is triggered, and the leaves close quite rapidly, trapping the insect. 

Grow this in a terrarium or in a cool greenhouse or in a bog garden. Can be grown indoors. Requires high light levels. 3000 footcandles– which is brighter than most homes.  An overcast day can produce 1000 fc. A south-facing window on a sunny day can produce 5000 footcandles.

Overview: Average mature height: inches. Soil: Bog plant - you a tray of water to keep it constantly wet. Does best in sphagnum moss. Light: Full to part sun. Zones: 6 - 10