Tikal Guava - Acca sellowiana

Tikal Guava - Acca sellowiana

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Handsome shrub, often used as a landscape or hedge plant. The Pineapple Guava fruit tastes somewhat of pineapple and strawberry which many find quite delightful. The fruit is very hard to find in stores as they don't ship well. Harvest when they start dropping to the ground, fruit should give slightly under hand, if they do not give just a little do not pick and if they are too soft they have gone bad.

Grows to 8' when not pruned or sheared into smaller size. Excellent for warmer regions as it only requires only 50-100 chill hours per year. Grows 8 feet. Zone 8-10.  

  • Average mature height: 8 feet
  • Fertilizer: During the growing season, feed occasionally with a liquid fertilizer containing minor nutrients
  • Light: Full to part sun
  • Soil: Guavas can be grown adequately in poor soils, but will perform best with moist, well-drained, fertile soil.
  • Water: Average watering needs
  • Zones: 8-10


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