Sanguinea Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes

Sanguinea Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes

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Sometimes in shipping, a leaf or two will die back. Leaves turn black when they die back, but the bulb is still healthy.

Information below is only the potential the plant has. Each listing is for one plant. The "starter plant" you are buying is one plant actively growing in a 2 inch deep pot and is smaller than the plant pictured.

Leaves will grow to be long. When pitchers are mature they will grow to be slender and red 5 - 6 inches long. This is a vining.

Most of the many nepenthes are easy to grow and readily adapt to the conditions inside the home.

There are two distinct types based on the altitude where they typically grow: Highland- above 3,000 feet or Lowland- below 3,000 feet. Some growers break these out even further. Ultra Highland- above 6,000 feet, Intermediate (straddling both High and Low), and Ultra Lowland.

All types are tropical and should be protected from temperatures below 40F. Highland types generally prefer cooler (yet still warm) temperatures: 65F - 90F during the day and 45F - 65F at night. The Lowland types prefer the same warm temperatures both night and day but will usually tolerate cooler nighttime temps around 60F - 70F.

Given that most growers can’t control temperatures that precisely, one can usually achieve success since many Nepenthes are adaptable to conditions inside the typical home. Zone 10. Grow in loose moist, but well-drained soil. Soil may be a mix of peat, perlite, bark, and vermiculite. Grow in bright, diffused light with high humidity (60%).

Overview: Average mature height: 72 - 96 inches. Soil: Canadian peat moss or peat/perlite mix. Well drained. Light: Bright diffused light. Zones: 10. Can be grown indoors.

Please note: the Nepenthes pitcher plants may or may not have pitchers at the time of shipping, but are mature enough that they will soon grow new ones. If you receive a pitcher plant with dead/shriveled pitchers, this will not impact the health of the plant - just clip the spent pitchers wth sterile scissors and new ones will soon grow.