Sanguinea Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes

Sanguinea Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes

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The Sanguinea (Latin for blood red) is an impressive plant with pitchers that can grow up to 6-inches long. Like most Nepenthes, the Sanguinea is easy to grow and readily adapts. It's a highland variety but can grow in lowland areas too.

  • Average mature height: 72-96 inches
  • Cold hardiness: The Sanguinea is an intermediate Nepenthes (between lowland and highland), which means it prefers 65 to 90-degree weather during the day and nighttime temperatures around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Protect Nepenthes from cold below 40 degrees.
  • Light: Bright, diffused light
  • Soil: Grows well in peat, peat/perlite, or sphagnum moss (Try ours here.) Place a tray of water underneath to keep the plant wet.
  • Zone: 10


Dead/shriveled pitchers? Nepenthes pitcher plants may or may not have pitchers at the time of shipping, but are mature enough that they will soon grow new ones. If you receive a pitcher plant with dead/shriveled pitchers, this will not impact the health of the plant; just clip the old pitchers with sterile scissors to make room for new ones to grow. 

Plant size. Our plants ship in 3-inch-deep pots when they are 3-6 inches tall so they can grow to maturity under your green thumb.

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