Louis Philippe Rose (Heirloom Florida Cracker Rose) - Rosaceae
Louis Philippe Rose (Heirloom Florida Cracker Rose) - Rosaceae
Louis Philippe Rose (Heirloom Florida Cracker Rose) - Rosaceae
Louis Philippe Rose (Heirloom Florida Cracker Rose) - Rosaceae
Louis Philippe Rose (Heirloom Florida Cracker Rose) - Rosaceae

Louis Philippe Rose (Heirloom Florida Cracker Rose) - Rosaceae

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The Louis Philippe Rose Heirloom Cracker Rose is one of the best performing roses for Florida and the Southeastern states. It has deep pink petals. The leaves may develop some black spotting during periods of extreme heat and humidity, but those leaves are quickly shed and replaced with fresh, new growth. The Louis Philippe Rose Heirloom Cracker Rose grows on its own rootstock and does not have to be deadheaded to give continuous blooms. Of course, it performs best with a little attention and dead-heading. This highly-scented, year-long bloomer is an excellent and virtually problem-free rose.

• Average mature height: 3 to 5 feet
• Light: Full sun
• Water: Average needs. Drought tolerant once established.
• Zones: 7-11

Plant Size
A baby plant, that is 3-8 inches tall, will arrive at your home in a 3-inch-deep pot. Then, raise your new baby to maturity under your caring, green thumb.

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Dead Leaves?
A few leaves may die during shipping. No fear! It's still healthy and will grow new leaves. Trim old growth and repot into a larger pot to encourage new growth.

Power up your flowering plant with Wellspring Gardens' premium water-soluble Flower Power Fuel.  Once a week, use a one-gallon watering can and the amount of fuel specified below. Your flowers will thank you. 
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