Bay Laurel Tree - Laurus nobilis

Bay Laurel Tree - Laurus nobilis

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The Laurus nobilis is the true bay leaf tree from the Mediterranean. It's a small, pyramid-shaped tree or shrub with aromatic, evergreen leaves. In the U.S., the similar Umbellularia californica from California is often sold in place of true bay. The two resemble each other in appearance and taste, but the genuine Laurus nobilis is superior with its milder, spicy flavor. You can distinguish the two by the length and shape of their leaves: Umbellularia californica has long, slender leaves while the  Laurus nobilis has broader, slightly wavy leaves. 

  • Average mature height: 60 feet
  • Light: Full sun to part sun
  • Soil: Keep moist but, not soggy
  • Zones: 8-11 

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