Alocasia - Calidora - Elephant Ear

Alocasia - Calidora - Elephant Ear

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Information below is only the potential the plant has. You will be receiving one plant between 3 and 8 inches in height shipped in a 3 inch deep pot.

Quickly attains full size. Erect stem and leaves. Very large and easy houseplant as it likes shade. Does very well in damp situations. Also does well in a medium (2-3) gallon container. Can grow quite big outside (5-7 feet) but smaller if grown in a container.

Please note that elephant ears will showcase their unique attributes like black leaves, ruffled edges etc. when they are mature.

Overview: Average mature height: 5 - 7 feet. Soil: Well-drained, keep moist but not soggy. Light: Filtered sunlight. Zones: 9