Okinawa Spinach - Gynura crepioides

Okinawa Spinach - Gynura crepioides

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Added to a salad, Okinawa spinach brings a spicy, lemon pepper taste. It can also be used in stir fry. While not a true spinach, it is a perfect substitute. Okinawa also makes a great groundcover. The leaves can be anywhere from 1.5-3 inches long and are shiny, dark green on top and iridescent purple underneath. A tough subtropical plant, the Okinawa tolerates hot temperatures but not cold ones. It may die back to the ground in freezing weather but usually returns during warm weather.

  • Average mature height: 1 foot
  • Light: Full to part sun
  • Soil: Average watering needs
  • Zones: 8b-11

Plant size. Our plants ship in 3-inch-deep pots when they are 3-6 inches tall so they can grow to maturity under your green thumb.