Pomegranate Wonderful - Punica granatum

Pomegranate Wonderful - Punica granatum

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The Wonderful Pomegranate is a deciduous, shrub-like tree that produces red flowers in summer and delicious red fruit in early fall. You may recognize its flavor from your neighborhood grocer's produce section. Truly a Wonderful variety! 

  • Average mature height: 10 feet 
  • Container growing? Yes. Prune pomegranates as a bush with 3 to 6 main trunks and top them off to keep the height manageable.
  • Fertilizer: Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium in a 3/1/6 ratio
  • Light: Full sun is ideal, but pomegranates will be fine in mostly sunny conditions too.
  • Soil: Pomegranates adapt to most well-drained soils. They can grow in nutritionally poor soil but they do best in loamy soil.
  • Zones: Perennial 7-10 (Pomegranates love warm, tropical climates but can take some cold without getting severely injured.)


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